I don't have a Tumblr account so I have to do this anonymously, but I just want to say that I appreciate this blog. It's probably the only Satanic blog I've ever seen where Satanism isn't being confused with Devil Worship. It's not about spooks, ghosts, and ghouls. Keep up the good work!

Thank you. There is a lot of confusion out there, although that’s not too surprising considering popular (mis)conceptions about religion, the supernatural, and the occult.

— Satanic Master

» Asked by Anonymous

Hello. I was wondering - I'm a writer, and I've been considering having a character in my story who is a Satanist. Do you think that's disrespectful to Satanism? I've has a lot of people tell me not to create him and I'm curious about your opinion. I adore your blog, by the way, you are an amazing person.

"Satanist" is a term of self-identification, and the range of beliefs held by people using that label are diverse. For every "Satanist" out there you’ll find other self-identified Satanists saying that that Satanist is not a "true Satanist." The same is true for Christians: all Christians are "true Christians," except for all the other ones.

Personally, I accept that *anyone* who calls themselves a Christian *is* a Christian— even Fred Phelps and his family of hateful, inbred idiots. Likewise, I accept that anyone who calls themselves a Satanist *is* a Satanist, including the rare lone sociopathic teenager who tortures cats and pretends they’re sacrifices to the Devil.

So as a writer choosing to portray a “Satanist,” you have a lot to choose from, and i guarantee whatever you choose you’ll offend somebody. I think the more important question is, what are you trying to accomplish in the minds of your readers by having such a character? Are you interested in challenging cultural stereotypes? How complex do you want this character to be? What is their role in the overall plot?

And I’d like to know, who are these “people” telling you not to create such a character, and why are they so adamant? You could probably use their apprehension itself as an interesting aspect of your character.

So good luck with your story. Personally, I’d love to see a highly intelligent, philosophical Satanist as a main or supporting character in a work of young adult fiction. I think it could be a great role model.

…And the Christians would hate it.

— Satanic Master

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I have a problem I need your particular advice on. I am a christian and recently resigned from being a pastor fro 20 years. I also am bisexual, the wife knows, but am not active in any way. About 5 years ago I started worshiping Aphrodite and set up an alter for her and everything, offered her my sexuality (this was all with first wife who was fine with it ) Is Satan calling me back, my cock gets hard when l look at your site, and others, especially blasphemy stuff. Your advice/help please Sir?

I’m an ex-Christian too, although I don’t believe in a literal God or Satan. This makes me a “philosophical Satanist” as opposed to a “theistic Satanist.” If you want to still believe in deities then that’s up to you, but I think you face the same problem with believing in a literal Satan (or Aphrodite) that you faced as a Christian pastor all those years: there just isn’t good evidence for any of it.

Now, why do ex-Christians often get off on Christian blasphemy? The ability to break taboos is appropriating the power of (a) “god”. Only a god can violate rules and norms with impunity that everyone else is forced to keep. Blasphemous sex is essentially saying to your inner image of God “Fuck you and your rules, God— I’m as much of a god as you are— even more so because unlike you, I actually exist! My mind is My sovereign territory, and since it is the only place you actually exist, you will bow before Me because here I AM GOD.”

These are powerful acts— they take back power that should never have been taken away from you in the first place. And if you’re anything like me, power and sex are bound up together, so of course your cock gets hard.

— Satanic Master

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Kik Conversation with YM

Since I’ve made myself available on Kik messenger (“SatanicMaster”) I’ve had a few interesting conversations. If I republish your conversation here, I’ll anonymize it to protect your privacy.

This conversation is the first of several I’ve had with a bright young man (YM). This conversation took place last November.

—Satanic Master

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